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本站關鍵詞: YE3系列三相異步電機,       YD系列變極多速三相異步電動機,       YVFE2系列變頻調速三相異步電動機,      









    Hebei Xima Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the southern suburb of Hengshui City and adjacent to Hengshui Lake, a national wetland park. Close to National Highway 106, Beijing-Kowloon, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Daguang, Shihuang Expressway, transportation is very convenient.

    The company was founded in 2005, the National 12th Five-Year Plan advocated energy-saving, innovative, high efficiency and ultra-high quality industrial motor production base. It mainly produces YE2 high efficiency, YE3 super high efficiency, low voltage high power and high voltage motor products.

    Through the certification and implementation of ISO-9001 total quality management system and the implementation of strict management system, the company has become a qualified unit of Hebei Provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and a qualified enterprise of sampling inspection by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection. The product quality is reliable. It has won many honorary titles, such as "contract-respecting and credit-keeping enterprise", "AAA credit enterprise of Agricultural Bank" and "star enterprise of municipal government". In recent years, it has developed dozens of special motors for many enterprises and won the trust and praise of users.

    The company's fixed-point sales network and perfect service system will ensure that every customer who uses the company's products can get all-round and timely service.

    The company always upholds the tenet of "quality first", actively implements the quality policy of "being responsible for users and satisfying users", and provides all-round technical support and sincere service for partners.

    Nabaichuan essence, create Chinese brand, is our unremitting pursuit of the goal and direction of efforts!

    Let's work together to create brilliance.






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