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      本站關鍵詞: YE3系列三相異步電機,       YD系列變極多速三相異步電動機,       YVFE2系列變頻調速三相異步電動機,      



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      In the process of using the motor, there is overload or phase loss. Once the overload rate exceedsthe overload capacity of the motor or is not detected in time, the motor will heat rapidly, and the insulationresistance value will drop sharply, which will cause the motor to burn out. At present, the performance oftraditional overload thermal protector is unstable, and the system of professional control motor damageis expensive. It can only be used in important parts and large motors, which is unacceptable to the generalisers. Moreover, due to the long reaction time, it can not realize the short- -term severe overload protection.Therefore, customers are in urgent need of a kind of motor protection product which can effectively preventthe motor from burning due to overload and phase loss operation, and the cost is relatively low.

      In this context, the technology research and Development Department of our company has developedan ntelligent protection type motor after a long time of research. After the motor is equipped with intelligentmodule, the intelligent module can control the on-off of the motor power supply by collecting the data of thecoil insulation resistance value, which can cut off the power supply before the motor winding is burnt out Themotor is powered off by the motor control circuit; after the power is cut off, the intelligent module will detectthe winding insulation resistance value by itself. After the detection, the circuit will be smooth and the motorcan start and run normally.

      Intelligent protection motor is the improved product of Ye2 series high efficiency motor and ye3 seriessuper high efficiency motor, which is the first choice of users!

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